The Latest From The Landings

Chatham County Public Works has informed The Landings Association that they are having problems with their Knuckle Boom truck and are unable to collect yard debris items that are not bagged or in containers. All items not bagged or in containers are being placed on a list for later collection.

Landings residents may rent their dwelling for residential purposes only. However, a few residents continue to rent their homes for short terms through services like VRBO and Airbnb. Rentals for hotel purposes, or for timeshare or for fractional ownership purposes, are not allowed under The Landing Association’s Covenants. Also, some residents habitually violate other Landings Association Covenants and Rules and Regulations.

Bennett Paving continues to conduct maintenance (e.g., repairing root intrusions, repairing and resetting street drains, and curb repair) on Captain Jim, Shaftesbury, Old South, Upland, and White Horse lanes; Dame Kathryn and Westcross roads, and Bishopwood Court. The repairs will not require lane closures. However, there may be temporary delays with single-lane traffic near and around the repair areas. Please proceed with caution when using the above-mentioned streets.