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The deadline is the 15th of each month to be included in the subsequent month's Landings Journal.

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PDF Submission - PC or Mac:

(CMYK, 300 dpi, fonts embedded), PSD (CMYK, 300 dpi, flattened layers), EPS (CMYK, text changed to paths) or TIF (CMYK, 300 dpi, no LZW compression).

Application Submissions

Ads may be built in either CMYK or one spot color and black. Spot colors must be blue, red, or green. If you are supplying a camera-ready ad intended for spot colors, then it must be built in a single spot color (one spot color on page) and black ONLY. If process and spot colors are used in the same ad, the ad may be printed in black and white. Please remember to convert RGB graphics to CMYK.


All images supplied must be 300dpi and must be CMYK. All vector images must be saved as EPS files. All fonts must be changed to paths. Please make ads exactly to size. No crop marks needed.


All fonts suitcases/foundries for electronically supplied ads MUST be submitted (printer & screen). Only OpenType or Type I Fonts, and/or Adobe Open Type. Any other font supplied is subject to default Type I Font. Please note that fonts cannot be stylized (bold, italicized, underlines, etc.). The font must be a bold or italicized version of that font foundry.

Trim Size and Bleeds

All ads must be built to the trim size specified for your ad. No bleeds are available for this publication.

The Landings Journal is not liable for loss of color or quality from file conversions. We are unable to manipulate or accept ads built in RGB, Lab, Pantone PMS, or any files built in Publisher or Word. Please contact us for additional inquiries or assistance:(912-598-5539 or


Ad prices are as follows. There is a discount for three or more ad insertions.

Size 1 Insertion 3+ Insertions (each)
1/16 Page $175 $157.50
1/8 Page $225 $202.50
1/4 Page $250 $225
1/2 Page $325 $292.50
Full Page $500 $450


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