Behind the Scenes with Public Works: Lagoon Structure Replacement/Refurbishment

By Amber Capps -
Public Works Office Manager

Lagoon Structure Replacement/Refurbishment is another one of the Public Works Department’s capital projects/maintenance items that likely is only noticeable by those residents whose homes are located near or around lagoons.

The Landings Association manages 54 lagoons or water-control structures throughout the community. These structures control water levels throughout the island and aid in emergency storm water overflow. Staff evaluate these structures annually with Thomas & Hutton Engineering to determine which structures should be replaced.

As part of 2017’s annual review process, it was determined that Lagoon 32 (located on the fourth hole of Oakridge) and Lagoon 107 (located on the sixth hole of Magnolia) had excessive leaks and needed major repairs. Both structures are located on The Landings Club property and are identified in the 2016-2018 Lagoon and Security Contract.

The Landings Association and The Landings Club enter into a contract (every three years) that includes the maintenance of the water quality, aesthetics, and rainfall runoff for TLC-owned lagoons. The contract also includes around-the-clock Security services, which include access management for various gates, key control, decal issuing, daily locking of designated facilities, and response to requests for assistance from TLC employees, members, and guests. Additionally, Security personnel respond to alarms generated at TLC facilities.

Recently, PINCO, Inc. was awarded the bid to complete the repairs on Lagoon 107 and 32.

After both lagoons were dewatered, the contractor made concrete mortar point repairs to the damaged areas and pipe connections. Thereafter, the structures were encapsulated (on the interior and exterior) with a structural epoxy.

It is important to note that before any of this work was conducted, all property owners adjacent to these structures were notified via written correspondence which was placed in their mail tubes.

If you happen to walk or play golf near a lagoon that has been dewatered or looks abnormally low, rest assured that your Public Works Department and contractors are hard at work conducting the necessary repairs/maintenance to our lagoon structures.