President's Update 3-1-2023

By Herman Stone
President, The Landings Association

The Landings Association recently held an onsite retreat for its Board of Directors, with the aim of providing opportunities for Board members to share ideas, discuss strategies, and educate themselves on the needs of the community.

One of the key goals of the retreat was to help the Board understand who we are as a team, and to ensure that all members, new and existing, are aware of the scope of their responsibilities and duties. This was achieved through a range of activities, including a Myers Briggs Assessment, which helped to identify individual personality types and communications preferences, allowing Board members to adapt to the different personalities that make up the Board as we develop the policies and execute the strategies needed for our community to reach its full potential.

The Board also reviewed the Association’s Strategic Plan, discussing the development of the Plan for new members, reviewing the 2023 focus areas, and identifying performance metrics for measuring the work being done.

The retreat also included a presentation from TLA’s Finance Department about the need for an Annual Dues increase.

Finally, the Board discussed the importance of understanding the expectations and wishes of the community and the need for a community survey.

Overall, the Association’s Board retreat was a productive and informative event that helped Board members work together more effectively, gain a better understanding of their responsibilities and duties, and identify priorities for the Landings community.

One of the key outcomes of the retreat was the Board’s commitment to improving communication and cooperation between The Landings Association, The Landings Golf & Athletic Club, and The Landings Company. This will help enhance the effectiveness of each of our community’s key organizations in delivering services to their stakeholders.

Another outcome of the retreat was TLA Board and staff commitment to reviewing the Association’s governing documents. This review will ensure that all documents are relevant, up to date, and continue to reach their desired objectives. The Board will also work towards enhancing the social activities on the Landings to the benefit of the entire community.

TLA’s Board expressed its full support for the modest increase in Annual Dues needed by the community. The increase in Dues will allow the Association to maintain the capital reserves at a level that allows major repair and replacement projects of Association assets, to be executed in a timely manner without having emergency repairs that cost more, disrupt service, and could possibly require emergency or special assessments. To learn more about the Annual Dues, I encourage you to visit

Finally, TLA’s Board and staff will design an effective survey, planned for this fall, that will allow us to understand the current expectations and desires of the community. The Board is committed to meeting the community’s expectations and, therefore, encourages everyone to participate in the survey.

Overall, the retreat was seen as a success, with Board members expressing a greater sense of unity and a shared commitment to improving our community. By focusing on communications, governance, social activities, and community expectations, the Board is committed to the continued success of The Landings for years to come.

Thank you,