Outdoor Amenities

The Landings has a total of 151 lagoons, located throughout the property.

Lagoons have been stocked for fishing. Fishing is available only to residents and their accompanied guests. Please see the complete rules by clicking on Rules and Regulations.

This tower, which provides a scenic view, is accessible by footpath and golf cart. It is located off of Marsh Tower Lane. It closes at 10 p.m. each night.

The Landings Association's Nature Trail extends from behind The Landings Association's Administration Building (600 Landings Way South) to the Dog Park (along Landings Way North).

Click on Nature Trail Map for a visual depiction of the area.


30 miles (22 paved) of trails/paths exist on the island, not including cart paths associated with the golf courses.

The trails/paths are intended for walking, biking, and operating golf carts. All wheeled vehicles must yield to pedestrians. Cart paths on the golf courses are not for general recreational use. Motorcycle and motor scooter operators are not permitted on the paths and trails. Certain paths are restricted to pedestrians and bicycles.

Licensed and unlicensed motor-driven vehicles, other than golf carts, are not permitted on common trails. Golf carts must yield to licensed vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. Golf cart capacity limits must be observed, and all passengers must be seated. Cart owners must have liability insurance. All users of trails and cart lanes must yield to crossing traffic when the trail or lane intersects a street.

Tables and grills are available at the Picnic Grounds at Landings Harbor.

Click Reserve the Grounds to make a reservation.



Sunset Park

Located along Landings Way South, this picturesque spot offers the perfect location for enjoying a secluded sunset.