Rhodes 19 Sailing Program

Sailing Adventures at The Landings
By Mark Winters

Captain of the Rhodes 19 Fleet

Sailing allows you to experience an activity that never grows old.  Whether you enjoy a recreational cruise on the waterways around our lovely island or you want the exhilaration that comes from the thrill of racing, sailing will keep you young at heart and mind as well as more physically fit. The Sailing Club offers this as well as an opportunity to interact with fellow sailors.

Members of the Sailing Club pay nominal dues to maintain a fleet of boats that are owned by the Landings Association. The Skidaway Island Boating Club provides leadership and support for the sailing club. Find out more about SIBC at www.skidawayislandboatingclub.org.

The Sailing Club has a fleet of Rhodes 19 sailboats. These boats are 19 feet and have a fixed keel, normally these boats are sailed by a crew of three but can be handled by two experienced sailors.  As many as four sailors can enjoy a leisurely sail on a Rhodes 19.  As an affiliate of the National Rhodes Association, the Sailing Club is know as Fleet 49 of Savannah, Georgia. Several club members have competed in The Rhodes Association Nationals over the past several years, bringing national attention to Fleet 49.

Club members race each weekend throughout the year alternating Saturdays and Sundays. They also enjoy leisurely recreational sailing as well as educational sailing to better develop their knowledge and skills of sailing. The boats are available for use ONLY by Sailing Club members and their guests. The boats are NOT available for rent or lease.

Whether you are an expeienced sailor or you would like to learn how to sail, you are welcome to come aboard to see if the Sailing Club is right for you. Contact Fleet Captain, Mark Winters at 2winters80@gmail.com to find out when the wind is right for your sailing adventures.